Create a plugin

Create a plugin

BentoCache allows you to register plugins to extend its functionalities. Creating a plugin is as simple as creating a function that returns an object with the register method :

import type { BentoCachePlugin } from 'bentocache/types'
export function myBentoCachePlugin(): BentoCachePlugin {
return {
register(bentocache) {
// And here you can do whatever you
// want with the bentocache instance
bentocache.on('cache:miss', doSomething)
bentocache.on('cache:hit', doSomething)

The register method will be called internally by BentoCache when starting the application.

Then, you can register your plugin when creating the BentoCache instance :

import { BentoCache } from 'bentocache'
const bentocache = new BentoCache({
plugins: [myBentoCachePlugin()]

That's it! You can now create your own plugins and share them with the community.